Our company profile.

Here we give you an insight into our company history, our business and our principles.


50 years ago the founders of the company Karl+ Kurt Seilheimer started with in the rooms at the Burger secondary road with the production of skin - and nail nippers.
Within the next years the production center permanently was enlarged.
6 years ago the company finally moved to the Ritterstreet to adapt the steadily growing production with more room and machines.

Just like 50 years ago our skin and nail nippers are still manufactured by hand.
High quality steel is being prepared by modern machines after that our expearienced and quallified employees take over manual finish.
That garanties the best quality wich withstands any check and is joy to the user for years.

Careful control during the production guarantees a quality almost remaining the same unbelievably.
It is sure that no machine production could take on this work.
We are rightly proud!
Real manual work of excellent quality!

We produce skin and nail nippers, Manicure and Pedicurearticel in all application fields for skin care and nail care.
You find a choice from our product assortment on our Internet pages

Since 1992 we manufacture our skin and nail nippers made of stainless steel which lie in the trend of time and more and more gain acceptance on the market.
The share is approx. 35% today and this one rises continuously.
Repairs and refurbishings of second-hand skin and nail nippers are carried out just as carefully and exactly as the production of the new articles.

Our company has made itself a good name not only in Europe but also overseas
We are very pleased about it.
It is an incentive not to fall off and to further present solid products which meet with a worldwide approval.